Serum ~ Custom Wavetables


00:09 = Overview
00:47 = Ways To Make Custom Wavetables
01:59 = Saving Custom Wavetables
04:17 = Managing Custom Wavetables
04:59 = Unsaved Custom Wavetables In Presets


So far we’ve been creating sounds using Serum’s factory wavetables, which are actually quite amazing and for a lot of people might be enough for a year or two of productions. But to be honest, using those factory wavetables is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of value Serum can bring to your productions.

Unlike many other wavetable synths, Serum’s capability to create custom wavetables, in my opinion is it’s defining feature. It opens up the door of creativity and introduces us into a whole new world of sound design. It’s the reason why Serum is so popular and it’s why I think it will be timeless in the fast moving world of digital audio.