Cableguys ~ ShaperBox


00:28 = Overview
01:09 = General UI
03:23 = TimeShaper + Multi-band Controls
05:51 = TimeShaper + Waveform Editor
10:31 = TimeShaper + LFO Controls
13:43 = FilterShaper
15:06 = PanShaper
17:33 = VolumeShaper
22:17 = WidthShaper


CableGuys ShaperBox is an all in one solution for pumping life into your static sounds. This effect allows you to edit your audio signals frequency content, volume, stereo field and timing all in one spot.

And because you can draw in custom shapes for each effect, you can add precise beat synced movement to your audio signal with ease. Oh, and you can do all of this in a multi-band fashion as well.

Most of the time I’m reaching for this effect, when I want to disrupt my audio or give it some extra flavor. Also, I do want to mention that Cableguys offers each on of these effects on their own, but the ShaperBox allows you to utilize them all in one spot, which is pretty awesome and convenient.