Xfer Records Serum ~ Wavetable Oscillators

Serum comes with two wavetable oscillators, which are capable of producing pretty much any sound imaginable. These things are swiss army knifes. On the surface, they look harmless, but once we really dive deep and see what Serum’s Wavetable Oscillators have to offer, you’ll discover that these two guys are what separates Serum from the rest of the pack.

This particular lesson will get you up and running with the wavetable oscillators, but believe me, there will be much more to talk about in other lessons.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:08 = Overview
00:37 = Wavetable Synthesis
01:25 = Enable
01:47 = Wavetable Menu
02:38 = Display
04:32 = Wavetable Position
05:32 = Pitch
06:38 = Unison
09:22 = Phase
12:06 = Pan & Level
12:35 = Warp Menu
31:28 = Wavetable Editor Preview
32:09 = Modulation Preview


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