Xfer Records Serum ~ Velocity & Note

The velocity modulator allows us to modulate our sounds over time relative to the incoming MIDI note velocity. MIDI note velocity is typically utilized to give each note a different amplitude, which in a digital audio environment is useful for making computer music sound a bit more human.

In Serum, this velocity modulator allows us to take advantage of that MIDI velocity data and modulate many more parameters beyond just a MIDI note’s amplitude. The overall purpose of the velocity modulator is not to create sweeping modulations like the LFOs or the Envelopes, but instead create a touch of modulation in a very subtle way, giving each MIDI note a little more variance.

The note modulator operates in a very similar fashion as the velocity modulator. It allows us to modulate sounds over time relative to incoming MIDI note pitch. It too allows us to make subtle modulations over time, giving us variance between each note.

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00:08 = Velocity Overview
02:59 = Modulating Filter Cutoff
03:46 = Velocity Graph
06:07 = Velocity Context Menu
07:40 = Modulating Osc Warp
09:08 = Note Overview
09:50 = Modulating Filter Cutoff
10:18 = Note Graph
11:05 = Modulating Osc Warp


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