Xfer Records Serum ~ Phaser

The Phaser is very similar to the Flanger in sense that it also mixes the original signal with a slightly delayed version of itself. But with phasing, the delay times are usually under 1ms.You can think of the delayed signal as a “phase-shifted” version of the original. And when you blend the the original signal with the delayed signal you’re actually canceling out certain frequencies within the original sound. And like flanging, as you modulate between these short delay times, you cancel out DIFFERENT frequencies over time, creating a very distinct whooshing effect. 

So like the Flanger, this effect is also very good for adding slight movement to your sounds as well as possible stereo effects.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:07 = Overview
00:57 = Rate
01:23 = Depth
01:56 = BPM Sync
02:57 = Frequency
03:15 = Feed
03:37 = Phase
04:25 = Mix


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