Xfer Records Serum ~ Modulation Routing

Modulation gives our sounds complexity over time and it is essential when creating interesting timbres when practicing sound design.

In Serum, we’re able to modulate nearly any parameter with ease. And unlike many other synths, we have the option to route things like LFOs & Envelopes in a drag and drop fashion.

All of Serum’s drag and drop controls are located at the bottom half of the UI. And they remain at the bottom half, no matter what tab you’re in.

This lesson consists of some "house keeping" knowledge you can apply when working with each one of Serum’s modulators and will be essential for understanding the remaining lessons in the modulation section of this course.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:08 = Overview
01:08 = Drag & Drop Routing
03:11 = Blue Halo
05:05 = Uni-Directional vs Bi-Directional
05:41 = Multiple Modulation Sources
07:51 = Context Menu


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