Xfer Records Serum ~ Mod Matrix

The Matrix Tab is the Modulation Matrix or also referred to as the Mod Matrix. It is the "under the hood" version of what we’ve been learning so far about Serum’s drag and drop modulation. For instance, if I drag LFO 1 onto Oscillator A’s Wavetable Position Knob. It will show up in the Mod Matrix like this! Having both a drag and drop method along with a modulation matrix is one of the unique features that separates Serum from a lot of other synths.

So you can think of the Mod Matrix as a giant list view of alllll of the modulation connections we make in Serum. This includes the drag and drop connections that we make as well as some additional connections exclusive to the mod matrix itself. It looks confusing, but trust me, it’s not!

I personally like the brevity of dragging and dropping the modulation tiles, but there are times when you'll need to nerd out and really take control of your modulation connections. This is where you do that.

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00:07 = Overview
01:39 = Sources
04:58 = Destinations
06:54 = Modulation Depth
07:51 = Type of Modulation
08:35 = Aux Sources
09:44 = Mod Source Interaction
10:37 = Curves
11:07 = Output
11:35 = Sorting Options


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