Xfer Records Serum ~ LFOs

An LFO, or a Low Frequency Oscillator, is typically used to modulate audio signals at very low frequency rates or musical times and does so in a rhythmic, repeating fashion.

Serum is equipped with a grand total of 8 LFOs. And they are located towards the bottom of the UI, right beside the Envelopes. By default, only 4 of the 8 LFO Tiles are displayed. But the moment you route LFO 4 to a modulation destination, LFO 5 becomes visible and available. Same goes for LFO 6, 7 & 8.

If you really want your sounds to stand out and accomplish the complexity over time that I’ve been preaching, the LFOs are gong to become your best friend. You and your sounds are only bound by the limitations of your creativity when it comes to the endless use cases for Serum’s LFOs.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:08 = Overview
01:20 = LFO Modes
02:42 = Graph Display
06:24 = LFO Shape Presets
07:07 = Context Menu
09:27 = Speed Controls


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