Xfer Records Serum ~ Importing Audio

Serum’s capability to create custom wavetables at the expense of importing external audio is quite amazing. It allows for maximum customization and flexibility. It literally blows off the ceiling of any sound design limitations you may have thought you had.

So when we talk about importing external audio into Serum, we’re mainly talking about importing a multi-cycle waveform. But we have to remember that Serum is not a sampler and won’t play back our multi-cycle waveforms in the traditional way of a sampler. Instead, Serum will attempt to slice our multi-cycle waveform into individual single cycles, or frames, and then it will loop those single cycle waveforms at the speed of our incoming MIDI notes. 

Again, this is the essence of wavetable synthesis. Check out the beginning of the wavetable oscillators lesson if you need a refresher.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:10 = Overview
02:01 = Import: Normal (Dynamic Pitch Zero-Snap)
02:36 = Import: Normal (Dynamic Pitch Follow)
02:52 = Import: Constant Framesize (Pitch Avg)
03:52 = FFT Import Options
06:25 = Cleaning Up Our Imported Audio
11:44 = Best Practices For Importing Audio
17:29 = Importing PNGs


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