Xfer Records Serum ~ Hyper/Dimension

Hyper and Dimension are actually two different effects. Hyper is a Micro-Delay Chorus effect. You can think of it like the unison feature on OSC A & B, but being applied to your entire audio signal coming through to the effect! Most chorus effects can be thought of as a simulated version of unison. We are essentially mixing a bunch of modulated delayed voices with the dry signal.

This effect is great for making sounds sound thicker or bigger than they are. It’s also great at adding some stereo width.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:09 = Hyper Overview
00:42 = Unison
00:53 = Rate
01:20 = Detune
01:39 = Retrig
02:18 = Mix
02:29 = Dimension Overview
03:06 = Size
03:22 = Mix


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