Xfer Records Serum ~ Envelopes

There are three envelopes in Serum and they are located at the bottom left of the modulation module. Envelope 1, 2 and 3. 

Traditionally, an envelope will modulate the loudness of a sound over time or in other words dictate a sound’s amplitude structure. But in Serum, we are able to route all three of the envelopes to just about any parameter that is modulation ready, which allows us to modulate much more than just loudness over time.

For sound design purposes, these envelopes will play a big role in the overall structure of your sound. You are limited only by your creativity in finding ways to use them.

Watch Full Playlist HERE


00:07 = Overview
00:41 = Envelopes 1, 2 & 3
02:18 = Attack
02:53 = Hold
03:09 = Decay
03:30 = Sustain
03:43 = Release
04:04 = Display
05:37 = Zoom Options


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