Xfer Records Serum ~ Compressor

The Compressor effect will decrease your incoming audio signal if it goes over a threshold or past a certain db level. The main goal of any compressor, in a traditional sense, is to decrease the dynamic range of a sound. And if you’re not familiar with Dynamic Range, it is the difference between the quietest and loudest part of an audio signal.

This effect is particularly useful for doing just that, leveling out a sound and/or crunching it to the extremes of loudness. And when we utilize the multi-band mode, it can also add a bit of coloration to your sounds timbre.

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00:07 = Overview
00:39 = Threshold
00:59 = Ratio
02:08 = Attack & Release
03:08 = Gain
03:38 = Meter & Demo
04:09 = Multiband Mode
06:53 = Mix


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