Pokémon Serum Wavetables Beat // Making Sound #2

Pokémon Serum Wavetables Beat // Making Sound #2

In the second edition of Making Sound, we will be making a beat with only Pokémon Serum Wavetables. No other plugins or samples needed.

First let’s download all 150 Pokémon png files. Gotta catch em all.

Once we’ve caught them all we can then import them into Serum, creating composition ready wavetables for our beat.

Download all 150 Pokémon Serum Wavetables


Alright lets set the BPM to 150, turn our Pokédex on and get our popcorn ready.

First let’s program some Pokémon drums. The drums have to be fire so for all of these sounds, lets use only Fire Pokémon.


For the chords lets use Water Pokémon because I want the layers of the chords to flow oh so gently together like water. Squirtle will of course be leading the pack… unless he evolves.

Sub Bass

For the Sub Bass, let’s take trip to Kanto and use our Snorlax wavetable. No flute needed here. This sub bass will be wide awake and booming.


For the Melody we will turn to the almighty Mewtwo. No messing around!


Alright to tie the entire beat together, let’s add some atmospheric pads and other FX sounds. Any Pokémon is fair game at this point. Yes… even a MissingNo. (also known as missing number)

Final Mix

Now that each section is complete, let’s take a listen to our finished Pokémon beat.


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