Mixing Sub Bass For Earbuds And Laptop Speakers

A lot of electronic music these days is very very sub bass heavy. Especially if you’re producing Trap or Hip Hop where the sub bass could completely dominate most of the composition. But the funny part about this is a lot of us listen to this music on less than optimal playback locations such as laptop speakers or tiny earbuds.

From a producers perspective, someone who’s producing music using higher fidelity headphones or monitors, this introduces a problem.

For example, let’s say you own a pair of high end studio headphones. You create your track with these headphones on. And if you don't have proper monitors, you might be mixing your track with these headphones on. And it all sounds great! But the moment you play it back on your laptop speakers or your cell phone earbuds, you may notice that it sounds drastically different! Or for the purpose of this tutorial, your track might be missing sub frequencies all together, which for the sub bass dominant genres, totally ruins the composition.

So this road block doesn't necessarily mean your mix is bad. No. It will most likely sound fine on a big sound system. This isn’t truly a mixing problem, but instead a delivery problem that is solved with mixing techniques. And to play devil’s advocate, some of you may not even care what your tunes sound like on laptop speakers or earbuds. It all depends on your target audience. But for the producers that do care about these playback locations, hopefully the video and my 808 example can provide you with the right knowledge to solve this problem!

Good luck with your Sub Bass endeavors!


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