Lennar Digital Sylenth1 ~ UI Overview

Lennar Digital Sylenth1 ~ UI Overview

Sylenth1 is a virtual analog synthesizer that produces top notch quality sound. Especially the saw waves. I tend to find myself grabbing this synth whenever I need a big lead sound.

It contains 4 multi-waveform oscillators, 2 filters, a handful of modulation sources and destinations & 8 high quality master effects.


4 Oscillators (2 for A & B) = Choose from 8 different waveforms which act as the sound source

2 Amplitude Envelopes = Shape the volume of each Oscillator section over time with classic ADSR controls

2 Filters = Cut & boost frequencies to further sculpt the sound

Filter Control = Further adjust both Filters A & B simultaneously

Effects = Apply a wide variety of master effects to the sound

Modulation Envelope 1 & 2 = Apply an additional set of ADSR Controls to 2 destinations each

LFO 1 & 2 = Apply a low frequency oscillator to 2 destinations each

Misc Modulation 1 & 2 = Apply additional modulations to custom source and destinations

Mixer = Mix both sections A & B & the master volume

Additional Controls = Adjust the number of voices or the sounds Polyphony, the amount of portamento applied & more

Signal Flow

Sylenth1’s signal flow is as follows:

MIDI Input


Oscillators A1 & A2 (added together)

Filters A

Amp Env A


Oscillators B1 & B2 (added together)

Filters B

Amp Env B




Master Effects


Output Sound

Presets & Menu

4 Preset Banks = Choose between 4 sub-banks containing 128 presets each (numbers)

128 Presets = Access & choose between the current sub-bank (arrows)

Data Folder = Access our Sylenth1 License, Presets & Preset Banks, Skins & THE MANUAL

Load Preset = Load one or multiple custom presets you may have created or downloaded

Save Preset = Save our current settings to a new .fxp file

Copy Preset = Copy our current settings for pasting into a new or current preset slot

Paste Preset = Paste our copied settings to a new or current preset slot

Insert Preset = Clear all settings and initialize the preset to a simple saw waveform starting point

Delete Preset = Delete the current preset from the bank list

Clear Preset = Initialize the entire program

Randomize Preset = Randomize all parameter settings which can produce some amazing fx sounds

Rename Preset = Rename the current preset name

Reset Preset = Set the current preset back to it’s factory settings

Factory Banks = Access additional Sound Banks (loading 4 new sub banks)

Custom Banks = Choose a folder location for any custom sound banks

Skins = Change the skin of the VST

Size = Resize the VST up to 200% (manually w/ bottom right corner)

MIDI Control = Right Click on knobs to assign external MIDI gear


00:11 = Overview
00:37 = Essentials
01:46 = Menu

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