Lennar Digital Sylenth1 ~ Filters

Lennar Digital Sylenth1 ~ Filters

Sylenth1’s Filters allow us to further sculpt the already beautiful sounding oscillators by way of subtractive synthesis.

Using these filters correctly can produce less harsh, more warm sounding sounds. Also, modulating the cutoff of both filters with an envelope or any type of modulation is highly recommended.


Filters A & B = Both Part A & Part B have independent filters for each set of oscillators

Input Select = Select which filters are sent to the current filter

// Choices = Part A Oscillators, Part A & B Oscillators or No Input

Filter Type = Select from 4 different filter types

// Choices = Bypass, Lowpass (cut highs), Bandpass & Highpass (cut lows)

Cutoff = Adjust the filters cutoff frequency

Resonance = Adjust the amount of filter resonance at the cutoff frequency

// Tip = Very high levels will generate additional harmonics due to some filter self-oscillation

Drive = Adjust the amount of overdrive saturation to produce an emulate classic analog warmth

Slope = Choose between a 12db slope or a 24db slope

Filter Control

Filter Control = Control both Filter A & Filter B with an additional set of knobs

Cutoff = Adjust both filters cutoff frequency

// Use = This dual-control filter is useful for sculpting both Filters A & B with one singular knob

Resonance = Adjust the amount of filter resonance at the cutoff frequency (again dual-control)

Warm Drive = Toggle on higher quality saturation which will produce additional higher harmonics (slightly more CPU heavy)

Keytrack = Link the filter cutoff frequencies to the pitch of incoming MIDI note (dynamically changing)

Preset Dissection

Dissect 413 BS Moog Bass 2 = Sine Wave + Filtered Saw Waves w/ a modulated Cutoff

// Filter A = Cuts the 2 saw waves high end + Mod Env 1 Decay (Part B Sine wave unfiltered)

// Filter Control = Filter both sounds and open up the plucky filtered sound w/ automation


00:08 = Overview
00:27 = Filters
02:42 = Filter Control
04:28 = Preset Dissection

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