Filter Frequency Audio Effect Rack

Filter Frequency Audio Effect Rack

The Filter Frequency Audio Effect Rack is an essential grab and go tool for me and my productions. It helps me quickly reveal or remove frequency ranges from my sounds over time with only a few clicks and lanes of automation.

First let’s learn how to make the rack and then I’ll show you how you can make use of it today in your productions.

Create Audio Effect Rack

Step 1 = Drop an EQ8 onto your track

Step 2 = Cmd + G to place it in an Audio Effect Rack, Open macros

Step 3 = Set Filter 1 & Filter 8 to 4x high & low Pass filter, move both to edges, Turn off other filters

Step 4 = Map Filter 1 On/Off & Filter 1 Frequency to Macro 1, name it "Cut Lows”

Step 5 = Map Filter 1 Resonance to Macro 2, name it “Res”

Step 6 = Map Filter 8 On/Off & Filter 2 Frequency to Macro 3, name it "Cut Lows”

Step 7 = Map Filter 8 Resonance to Macro 4, name it “Res”

Step 8 = Adjust Filter 1 On/Off to Min 1 & Max 0

Step 9 = Adjust Filter 8 On/Off to Min 127 & Max 126

Step 10 = Adjust set points for each Macro knobs (10.0 Hz Lows, .71 Res, 22 kHz Highs, .71 Res)

Step 11 = Color Macros & rename Audio Effect Rack to “Filter Frequency"

Optional Step = Turn on oversampling for maximum quality

Add Automation

Step 1 = Click Cut Highs, Hit “+” on the track to add an automation lane

Step 2 = Draw automation slope building into the beat

Step 3 = Do the same for Cut Lows & the Res Knobs if desired

Example & Download

If you look at the Galaxy Space Time Track you will see that I have applied this effect rack and some automation already. I have the highs being cut every 8 bars. This helps give the sound the feeling as if it is slowly moving away from us. This is a very subtle way to add movement to the frequency content of your sounds as well as using it to build into different sections of your track.

Here's the rack if you’re too lazy to make it yourself :)

Frequency Filter Audio Effect Rack


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