An operation that allows you to create multiple "echoes" of an audio signal at various durations and amplitudes.

A handful of effects are built upon the basic principle and foundation of delay, which is the very reason why delay is one of the most versatile digital audio effects you’ll come across. In this video, I explore the endless possibilities of delay and show you why It’s the swiss army knife of audio effects.

Delay is so much more than just a few echoes! You’ll learn about a ton of different delay techniques, including echoes, slapback, doubling, chorus, flanger and phaser. I explain why these techniques are useful and when you might implement them into your musical productions.

To apply some of the above knowledge, I also give an in-depth overview of Ableton Live’s Simple Delay stock plugin. I show you how to use each parameter and also mention some of the other delay-based plugins that Ableton Live provides. And lastly, I demonstrate a handy way you can use delay to widen the stereo field of a sound (hint: it’s the Haas Effect).

Hopefully this video informed you of everything you need to know about delay and more. Good luck with your musical adventures!


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