Ableton Live 9 ~ Vinyl Distortion

Ableton Live's Vinyl Distortion emulates common distortion effects that may occur on real life vinyl records during playback. More specifically, the distortion that occurs between the needle of a record player and the groove of a vinyl record. The effect also offers a crackle generator that produces noisy artifacts.

In this tutorial, I explain how to use every parameter within Vinyl Distortion. I explain Tracing Model and Pinch, which will add some distortion to our signal. And then I explain how to use Crackle, which will add some noise to our signal.

Good luck with your Ableton Live Vinyl Distortion endeavors!

And as always.... RTFM! :)


00:22 = Overview
01:31 = Tracing Model
02:54 = Pinch
05:25 = Crackle


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