Ableton Live 9 ~ Tension

Ableton Live’s "Tension is a synthesizer dedicated to the emulation of string instruments” - Ableton Reference Manual

The synth is constructed using Physical Modeling Synthesis, which depends on mathematical equations to emulate real life string instruments. It’s very flexible and with a little experimentation you can produce much more than your traditional string instrument sounds.

In this RTFM! Tutorial, I walk through every single knob and slider. Be sure to follow the timecode navigation to jump into different sections of the tutorial.

And as always... RTFM!


00:24 = Overview
01:15 = Excitator
07:38 = String
10:36 = Vibrato
12:19 = Damper
16:44 = Termination
18:47 = Pickup
19:36 = Body
22:05 = Filter, Envelope, LFO
26:40 = Keyboard, Unison, Portamento, Volume


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