Ableton Live 9 ~ Sampler

Sampler is an amazing, feature-rich, virtual instrument. It does way more than simply "play back" samples. With It’s wide-range of modulation controls you’ll be able take any regular sample and flip it, twist it, contort it, and spit out a completely new sound! And if you have a big collection of natural instrument samples, the multisampling capabilities within Sampler will be extremely useful to you in reproducing all the nuances of those instruments. The sky really is the limit with this tool. So let's learn how it all works!

In this video, I run through every single parameter inside of Ableton Live’s Sampler. I show you how to use things like Sustain Mode and Release Mode in the Sample Tab. We’ll look at the Modulation Oscillator and Pitch Envelope in the Pitch/Osc Tab. In the Filter/Global Tab, I’ll walk you through using the Filter, Waveshaper and the ever so common envelope controls. In the Modulation Tab, we’ll learn how to use all of the LFOs as well as an Auxiliary Envelope. In the MIDI Tab, I’ll show you how you can route MIDI Controller Data to some additional parameters within Sampler. And last but not lest, we will explore the Zone Tab and learn how to take advantage of Multisampling within Sampler. Thanks for watching this tutorial!

And as always... RTFM! :)


00:31 = Overview
01:20 = Sample Tab
13:18 = Pitch/Osc Tab
20:24 = Filter/Global Tab
26:00 = Modulation Tab
30:07 = MIDI Tab
31:35 = Zone Tab


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