Ableton Live 9 ~ Resonators

Ableton Live's Resonators "consists of five parallel resonators that superimpose a tonal character on the input source." - Ableton Reference Manual

It allows you to morph and mutate your incoming audio signal's timbre by adding harmonics, both above and below the original pitch. It's also very well known for producing string like sounds. All of this is achieved by tuning the 5 "resonators" by semitones relative to the fundamental frequency.

In this tutorial, I show you how to use each parameter and also give examples as to when it might be beneficial to use Ableton's Resonators. I hope this video brings you value. Good luck with your Resonators endeavors.

And as always... RTFM! :)


00:16 = Overview
01:11 = Filter
01:35 = Resonators I, II, II, IV & V
04:31 = Mode, Decay, Const & Color
05:58 = Global


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