Ableton Live 9 ~ Dynamic Tube

Dynamic Tube is a simple audio effect that allows for some quick tube saturation by emulating what happens in real life when analog tube amps get overloaded with a very loud signal. We can describe this overall effect as distortion.

It’s useful for sprinkling in some overtones to dirty up a sound ever so slightly, but at the same time it can also completely distort your sound beyond comprehension if it’s pushed to the extremes. Either way, it’s a very minimal effect with only a few controls, which to me is it’s biggest upside.

In this Ableton Live 9 tutorial, I break down every single parameter within Dynamic Tube (there really isn’t that many). I walk you what the drive, tone and bias knobs do. I show you the differences between Tube A, B and C. I also explain what the envelope follower’s function is. Stay tubular!

And as always... RTFM! :)


00:16 = Overview
00:46 = Drive, Tone & Bias Knobs
02:49 = Tube A, B & C
03:52 = Envelope Follower
04:52 = Dry/Wet & Output


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