Ableton Live 9 ~ Auto Pan

Ableton’s Auto Pan allows us to modulate our sound via two independent LFOs... one for our left channel and the other for our right channel. This allows us to create a stereo or panning effect, a tremolo affect and if we crank the speed of our LFOs really high, amplitude modulation. Overall, Auto Pan provides us with the opportunity to give our static sounds a bit of movement, even if we're using the effect in a subtle manner.

In this Ableton Live 9 tutorial, I walk you through every single parameter within Auto Pan. We explore all four LFO waveforms, the speed of those LFOs and the offset between each LFO. I wish you luck with your Auto Pan endeavors.

And as always… RTFM!


00:17 = Overview
00:44 = Amount & Display
01:50 = LFO Waveforms
03:42 = LFO Rate
04:31 = LFO Offset


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