Ableton Live 9 ~ Analog

Ableton Live's "Analog" is a virtual analog synthesizer that aims to emulate popular vintage synthesizers of the past. It uses real-time physics calculations and algorithms that get rendered by the CPU directly, instead of using samples or wavetables.

Analog’s two oscillators use physical modeling synthesis to generate and emulate vintage hardware oscillators, which allows them to avoid any aliasing that sometimes occurs in many other forms of waveform re-synthesis.

In this Ableton Live 9 tutorial, I breakdown the two oscillators, the noise generator, the two filters, the two LFOs and the global controls. We’ll also learn how to quickly change the routing configuration to alter Analog's signal flow. I wish you luck with your Analog endeavors.

And as always... RTFM! :)


00:18 = Overview
01:09 = Oscillators
08:58 = Noise Generator
10:11 = Filters
20:28 = Amps
22:47 = LFOs
27:24 = Global


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