Ableton Live 10 ~ Chorus

Ableton Live 10 ~ Chorus

Ableton Live 10’s Chorus is a delay based effect that provides an easy way to turn any small sounding audio signal into a much larger grander version of itself. You may have heard this effect in a more natural setting when listening to the many voices within a choir of singers. May the lord be with you. And also with you.

Chorus uses two parallel time-modulated delays which creates chorus & flanging effects. In other words, it allows us to thicken up our audio signal, giving it the perception of being much larger than it actually is.

Small amounts of chorus can help bring subtle character and power to your sounds as the pitch and delayed times are perceived not a separate sounds, but as one sound.

Delay 1

Delay 1 Highpass = Remove Low frequencies from the Delay 1 Signal

Delay 1 Time = Adjust the duration of the Delay 1 Signal in milliseconds

Delay 2

Delay 2 Modes = Switch between three different delay modes

Off = Only Delay 1 is audible

Fix = Only Delay 1’s delay time will be modulated, leaving Delay 2’s delay time fixed

Mod = Delay 2’s time will be modulated just as Delay 1’s time

Delay 2 Time = Adjust the duration of the Delay 2 Signal in milliseconds

Link = Set Delay 2’s time to Delay 1’s time


Modulation Amount = Adjust the modulation amount in milliseconds

// Higher Value = Produces a more extreme swirling or flanging effect

Modulation Rate = Adjust the modulation rate in hertz

// Higher Value = Produces a faster swirl or flange effect

Modulation X-Y Control = Adjust both the modulation amount and rate at once

// Tip = Hit record and move this around for some fun automation

LFO Multiplier = Multiply the modulation rate by 20 for even more extreme modulation


Polarity = Adjust the polarity of the processed signal, AKA flipping the positive and negative voltage of the waveform

// Tip = This is useful for when you have high amounts of feedback and shorter delay times

Feedback = Adjust how much of the output signal is fed back into the input of Chorus

Dry/Wet = Adjust the mixture between the original signal and the processed signal


00:30 = Overview
01:08 = Delay Times
02:56 = Modulation
04:49 = Polarity & Feedback

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