Ableton Live 10 ~ Beat Repeat

Ableton Live 10 ~ Beat Repeat


00:23 = Overview
00:56 = Repetitions (top row)
06:02 = Repetitions (bot row)
06:37 = Output


Ableton Live 10’s Beat Repeat is an audio effect that allows us to create controlled and randomized repetitions of any incoming audio signal.

It is a great tool for adding variation to all kinds of elements in your productions. I’ve found myself using it to chop and screw repeating sections of my mix, including individual synth sounds and my entire rhythm mix as well.

Even if you don’t have a premeditated idea in mind on how to use Beat Repeat within your mix, it can sometimes be fun to resample what you’ve already made and experiment with different Beat Repeat settings. You never know what you might find.

Repetitions (Top Row)

Display = Visual representation of how we will be repeating our beat within the different intervals (updates as we tweak controls)

Interval = Adjust how often Beat Repeat captures the incoming audio signal & repeats it (bpm-based eligible ranges)

Offset = Shift the point defined by the interval control forward in time

Grid = Adjust the grid size or size of each repeated slice

No Triplets = If activated, triplet patterns will be ignored and the grid will always have binary division

Variation = Add variation to the grid size

// 0 = Grid size is fixed

// Higher Values = Grid size fluctuates around the grid value

Variation Mode = Choose between five different variation modes

// Trigger = Variations occur for each slice within the grid size

// 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 = Variations occur for each slice at these specific intervals

// Auto = New random variations occurs for each slice within the grid size (most complex for of grid variation)

Repeat = If activated, Beat Repeat will immediately capture the incoming audio signal & play those specific repetitions until deactivated

Repetitions (Bottom Row)

Chance (the rapper) = Adjust the likelihood of repetitions taking place within our Interval & Offset time

// 100% = Repetitions will always occur within our Interval & Offset time

// Lower Values = Repetitions will occur less and less within our Interval & Offset time (cool randomness)

Gate = Adjust the total length of all repetitions in sixteenth notes

Pitch = Pitch the repetitions downward without effecting the timing of the repeats

// Use = Creates a small conversation with the original signal and the repeated pitched down signal

Pitch Decay = Decay the downward pitch repetitions even more, making each repeated slice play lower than the previous one (almost like a small tape stop effect)


Filter = Filter the repetitions, cutting high and low frequencies

Frequency = Adjust the center frequency of the bandpass filter

Bandwidth = Adjust how narrow or wide the bandpass filter is

Output Mode = Adjust how the original signal is mixed with the repeated signal

Mix Mode = Blend the original signal with the repetitions

Insert Mode = Mute the original signal when repetitions are playing

Gate Mode = Pass only the repetitions through

// Use = Resampling your drums and only want to record the repeated resampled signal *demo*

Volume = Adjust the output level of the repetitions

Decay = Create gradual fading repetitions instead of the steady volume repetitions we’ve been hearing

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