When you call toll-free or pay-per-minute telephone numbers your telephone number is identified and recorded. Even when you call a business on their local telephone number, your phone number may be recorded. Often, your phone number will be used for future sales calls from the company you called and will often be sold to other companies as well. Think you’re okay as you have call ID blocking or as you registered your telephone number on the Do Not Call List? Think again.

Call ID blocking only works with other residential phones. You cannot block your phone number when you call a business, toll-free number or pay-per-minute number. The procedure is named ANI or Automatic Number Identification. ANI is approved by the FCC, automatically passed through to businesses by telephone companies and is not suffering from call ID blocking.

ดูดวง can find no current regulations regarding the use of ANI and therefore, businesses which collect callers’ telephone numbers aren’t necessary to inform callers that their contact number is being recorded. Because you called the business, you’re now a preexisting business contact which gives the business the proper to call you making use of their sales pitch, while you have registered your telephone number on the USUALLY DO NOT Call List. The company may also sell your contact number to other companies.

Not all companies use your information for future sales calls or sell your details to other companies. For example, my company 1-800-HURT-911, Inc. regards these details as private and has never sold information to others when people hurt within an accident call 1-800-HURT-911.

There are three ways you can avoid having your phone number used by companies for sales purposes.

1) When you call a small business, toll-free number, or pay-per-minute number, tell the business you don’t want your information to get out or sold to any company. You can also inform them that you don’t want the business to call you down the road if it is not linked to your present question or concern.

2) Avoid calling any pay-per-minute number such as for example numbers in the 900 area code! Pay-per-minute numbers ask you for a charge for calling them and so are sure to get, use and sell your contact number. Some examples of these forms of numbers are lottery, horoscope, psychic, dating, and sex lines.

3) The ultimate way to keep your number private and steer clear of unwanted calls is by using two telephone lines. Use one telephone line for calling businesses and for a fax when you have one. Use a second telephone line for friends and family.

I have one telephone line which I never answer. I take advantage of this telephone line to make outgoing calls to businesses and toll-free numbers. When companies ask me for my phone number, I give them the number I called them from. When you have a home-based business, give this number as both your organization and home number. I also utilize this phone number on forms and on the net. Never give out your personal number to anyone but family and friends. When companies call me back, they can leave a note on my voicemail which is then e-mailed if you ask me. If I’m expecting a callback that is important to me, then I will answer the telephone. I never call companies or toll-free numbers from my second phone number which I use for personal use. This number is only given to family and friends.

When working with two telephone numbers, supplied by your regular telephone company, it is very important have both numbers using one bill and to use the listed phone number for your business calls. The second contact number on your bill will never be listed. Never work with a fax machine on your own personal number. Many companies also collect fax numbers and you may get junk fax calls at all hours of your day and night.

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